Our Facilities

Food02_01 Delivering quality food ingredients and providing solutions to our customers is what we’re all about. Our dedication and optimism has made us a leading ingredients manufacturer in Asia for a diverse range of tasty instant beverages and convenient food products which are marketed and distributed globally. With key ingredient manufacturing plants in Singapore, Malaysia and China, we provide excellent services, products of superior quality and value to our customers in the global market.

Tuas West Drive, Singapore A spray-drying plant managed by multi-disciplinary teams which focus on manufacturing dairy and non-dairy creamer, cold water soluble creamer, foaming creamer and fat-filled milk powder. Our Singapore facility taps on the expertise of ingredient specialists and optimised equipment to bring our partners a broad range of dairy replacement products. It’s capable of producing 25,000 metric tons (MT) of non-dairy creamer per annum. Our R&D teams and flexible production lines enable us provide comprehensive solutions which cater to the needs of different sectors within the instant F&B industry.

Tuas West Drive, Singapore Our facility in Johor, Malaysia specialises in producing instant soluble coffee and instant soluble botanical herbal extracts through the use of cutting edge spray dry and freeze dry technologies. It is one of the largest soluble coffee powder manufacturing plants in Asia with a capacity 15,000 MT of instant soluble coffee powder and 1500 MT of freeze-dried coffee. Specially equipped with the unique Aroma Recovery System, the original aroma of coffee is retained throughout the production process. This allows us to create the highest standard of instant coffee and instant soluble ingredients. Tasty, aromatic instant food and beverages are no longer as unattainable as you may think.

Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China Wuxi Super Food Technology, our facility in Wuxi, China, is one of the largest and most successful non-dairy creamer plants in China. With state of the art technical equipment and in-house engineering capabilities, it’s capable of manufacturing 100,000 MT of non-dairy creamer annually and occupies an 80,000 sqm complex which houses integrated spray drying capabilities, complete with real time monitoring and automated control systems. Our products from Wuxi are exported globally to F&B manufacturers and the HORECA industry. At Wuxi Super Food Technology, our people are our most important asset. It’s managed by a multidisciplinary management team comprising of capable and dedicated individuals who are supported by a vigilant and innovative R&D team. Along with quality control systems which are fully compliant with international standards, we develop products of the highest quality and of a wide range of applications. Wuxi Super Food Technology’s unwavering dedication and passion in developing solutions to suit each customer’s needs makes it an invaluable addition to the Super group.

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