Our Brands

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Super’s portfolio of 1 Master Brand and more than 15 Sub-Brands spans a wide spectrum of product categories. But no matter the brand, all of them are sure to give you smiles. Like little pockets of happiness, we are driven to continually deliver quality Branded Consumer products to our consumers while enabling us to enhance and extend our regional presence in Southeast Asia.

0201_PdtAt Super, our growth ambitions are predicated by our favourable Branded Consumer offerings and strategic geographic exposure. With our extensive distribution network and dedicated managers, we are well-positioned to continue to deliver stellar performance with a portfolio of brands.

More than 150 reasons to smile -Wake up every morning to find Super’s offering of more than 150 products to choose from under its flagship spanning from instant coffeemix, instant cereal, instant soymilk, instant teamix, instant cup noodles, canned drinks, to non-dairy creamer.