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3in1 Regular
Net Wt.: 800g, 20g x 40 Sachets
Our Regular coffee makes use of the finest coffee beans, top grade creamer and sugar to concoct a perfect cup of coffee that adds an impressive and smooth delicate undertone to awake your taste buds.

coffee you look forward to everyday

We believe our coffee expresses our love for life, that’s why we pour all our expertise and optimism into every cup. Our 3-in-1 coffee is roasted for differing palates and offers today’s coffee lovers great flavors that will remind them what they love about life.

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super 3 in 1 rich
3in1 Rich
Net Wt.: 600g, 20g x 30 Sticks
Looking for sheer indulgence? Our Rich blend is an affordable daily luxury that is specially brewed to uplift and satisfy coffee lovers who prefer a distinct premium taste and robust aroma.

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super 3 in 1 reduced
3in1 Reduced Sugar
Net Wt.: 640g, 16g x 40 Sachets
For the health conscious coffee addicts, our popular Reduced Sugar coffee which shares a similar profile and flavor to that of the Regular blend, offers the same great taste with lower sugar content so that you still enjoy a great cup!

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super 2 in 1
2in1 Kopi-O
Net Wt.: 570g, 19g x 30 Sachets
For the 2in1 coffee lovers, Super Coffee range also offers Kopi-O – a strong brew of premium black coffee without creamer, and Coffee & Creamer – a robusta blend of coffee and creamer without additional sugar.

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Super Coffee Palettes

super 3 in 1 brown sugar
3in1 Hazelnut
Net Wt.: 600g, 20g x 30 Sticks
Indulge in the warmth of our 3in1 Hazelnut coffee, which serves a well-balanced cup of delicious coffee with savoury hazelnut taste and nutty aroma. It’s a treat come true for coffee lovers who want something more in their cup

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super 3 in 1 brown sugar
3in1 Brown Sugar
Net Wt.: 660g, 22g x 30 Sticks
An irresistible cup, our 3in1 Brown Sugar coffee has just the right touch of occidental caramelic brown sugar taste to this enticing blend.

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